MEX I AM, the festival

At a time when we as mexicanos seem to be at a crossroads in American society, San Francisco’s second annual MEX I AM festival offers a refreshing positive spin on all things Mexican. The point of this unique event, in fact, according to organizers, is to “showcase the many positive sides of Mexico.” From the arts to panel discussions with Mexican neuroscientists, biotech executives, and music critics, as well as performances by La Santa Cecilia and the Ballet/Opera Gala, this lineup is pretty incredible.

¡Orale! We can definitely stand behind such an effort.

Por eso, if you’re in the San Francisco area, check them out. And if you’re not, ask your local Mexican Foreign Ministry, cultural arts center, or consulado when you should expect MEX I AM at a venue near you. ¡Ya es hora! 

MEX I AM, the festival

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