Kids say the darnedest things!

My niece said something this weekend that made me laugh. Then it made me think. And now, it’s making me contemplate life. She’s under five years old and we were flying a kite together this weekend. She was a natural at it, but that wasn’t really the big surprise. When […]

we're not that cool parents juanofwords

Sorry, Kiddo. We Are Not That Cool!

In every parent’s life, there comes that moment when despite all of our best efforts we have to come to terms with facing the reality… well, of our reality.  It’s not a pleasant experience and very rarely do we get to choose when it happens.  Most of the time it’s […]

Raising a Bilingual Kid: One Generation at a Time – Progress

Every once in a while, if we’re lucky, and it doesn’t happen all that often at all, we kind of get a glimpse at ourselves that we normally wouldn’t otherwise see.  I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true.  It happened to me just the other day.  A local university […]

What’s The Secret To Raising a Bilingual Kid? …Hiring a Bilingual Nanny!

What are hardworking parents to do these days when they can’t find the time to teach their children the language skills they want?  ¿Pues qué más?  Hire a bilingual nanny!  At least, that’s what the website is insinuating in their latest post, 10 Ways Bilingual Nannies Can Benefit Children.  […]

El Cínico y El Niño

Somos un par, yo y él.  Me with my cynicism.  He with the sweet and gentle innocence.  Just walking.  Together.  Before we leave, he argues with me about taking his scooter.  We bought it for him because it looked fun.  Only one big gift he gets every Christmas.  I wanted […]

Raising a Bilingual Kid: Skinny Jeans and Converse

I’d actually sworn I’d never let him wear them.  The way they fit ever-so-tightly around every single curve and crevice of the lower body, from the waist down to the feet, like wearing nothing more than little tights, or even worse, leaving almost nothing at all to the imagination.  Those skinny jeans… […]