An Understated Oasis, Orange Beach in Alabama

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 My latest travel story as a contributor to the Best Western blog You Must Be Trippin’ is all about our recent discovery of Alabama beaches. More specifically, Orange Beach in Alabama, which is one of those rare places that still feels like it hasn’t been discovered. Please click the link to read the full story.

There’s history in Orange Beach. We could tell as soon as we drove into this surprisingly unexpected corner of the Gulf Coast. Its location is right at the point where Alabama and Florida connect. If you’re not careful you could end up crossing state lines without even noticing. We did and for a moment it felt like we were driving right back into Florida after having bid farewell to the Sunshine State just a few minutes earlier.

If you have ever driven the entire length of the Sunshine State, you will appreciate why the thought of being back in Florida after having just exited the state would be more than a little nerve-wrecking. Luckily for us, we were in fact in Alabama.

An Understated Oasis, Orange Beach in Alabama

Orange Beach is nestled cozily between Gulf Shores, Alabama and Perdido Key, Florida, right along the beautiful crystal-clear coastline of the Alabama Gulf. That was the first thing we noticed as we drove into the stylish seawall lined by new and old high-rise developments as far as the eye could see. Our stop was the  Best Western Premier Tides Hotel Orange Beach, which was literally on the beach itself.

The views were amazing from every direction, especially in the main lobby area where floor to glass windows enclosed the modern and airy décor. Our concierge made the comment that people often forget about Alabama beaches since its neighboring state to the south has such a strong reputation for picturesque opportunities to bathe in the sun along beautiful coastal destinations. I think that makes Orange Beach that much more special. Not everyone knows about it and you can tell.

Continue reading my full story on the You Must Be Trippin’ blog.

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