Hollywood Glamour and LA’s Griffith Observatory

Hollywood Glamour and LA’s Griffith Observatory

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I can feel myself getting more and more comfortable with the crisp weather and laid-back attitude of Los Angeles every time I visit. In all honesty, it’s taken me a little while to admit that to myself because above all else I am one very proud Texan. This is my first collaborative effort with the Best Western blog You Must Be Trippin’ about my recent experience traveling to West Hollywood and the Griffith Observatory.

This was my second time exploring the glitz and glamour of the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles. The first time I had been there everything seemed kind of overwhelming. There was the TCL Chinese Theatre (formally known as Grauman’s Chinese Theatre) where so many A-listers have walked the red carpet on their way to a movie premiere, or even the Academy Awards – three of them have been celebrated here since 1927. A few steps over past the dozens of stars on the ground lining Hollywood Boulevard with names of celebrities from yesteryear and today is the new home of the annual Academy Award ceremonies, the Dolby Theatre.

There’s always a stream of tourists and fans of pretty much any celebrity you can imagine. Posing for pictures, walking up and down the legendary boulevard, excitedly reading the next Hollywood star ahead to see what names they might recognize. It is definitely an adventure worth experiencing for yourself at least once.

If you’re like me and you enjoy people-watching, you might want to come back more than once.

Hollywood Glamour and LA’s Griffith Observatory

Anjelica had charged me with the responsibility of bringing her something back since this trip was one I was making without her. Now if you’re looking for gifts that are just a little bit off the beaten path, Hollywood Boulevard is just the place. She’s really into wigs lately – for Instagram purposes mostly – so when I noticed several boutiques with advertisements reading “styled wigs” I was intrigued. Only the lady at the counter didn’t seem too convinced by my story about shopping for a wig that my wife would be wearing. Her reaction was really quite entertaining. I can only imagine what must have been going through her head.

Continue reading my full story on the You Must Be Trippin’ blog.

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