Hollywood Glamour and LA’s Griffith Observatory

(Read my full story on the You Must Be Trippin’ blog.)  I can feel myself getting more and more comfortable with the crisp weather and laid-back attitude of Los Angeles every time I visit. In all honesty, it’s taken me a little while to admit that to myself because above […]

Los Angeles in less than 48 hours for a media event

It had been months since I last took a trip by myself. Also since the last time I had been on a plane. Usually we pile into our car – or a rental to be more precise – and load it up with the essentials for a day- or two-day-long […]

Los Angeles Part 2: Long Beach

Los Angeles Part 2: Long Beach

So the last time we were in the City of Angels was over three years ago now. That time we were there for a concert and we got the pipirisnais VIP treatment. This time it was for work and it was more a do it yourself kind of experience. To be exact, […]

Tejanos En Cali… Fornia For The Very First Time

So it had been years since my younger brother and I took a trip together just the two of us.  The last time it was to Cozumel in Mexico and we still crack up at all the craziness we got into on that trip.  This past weekend, though, de nuevo […]

To The Lady Who Introduced Me To Imagawayaki In Little Tokyo… Gracias!

She said they were like Japanese donuts basically. Imagawayaki, bean paste cakes, made directly in front of us and commanding a line of hungry patrons outside the little bakery in Little Tokyo LA, were delicious! Not too sweet, not to dry, and the bean spread in the middle was extra […]