Agua de jamaica, not jicama

It’s the first day of spring in Texas, and this first day of spring was a lot cooler than usual. We took the opportunity to hit up the local pulga (one of our favorites in town). Pero con eso that it was under 70 degrees and pretty windy, well you know all of us Tejanos were wearing our winter wear. For reals… anytime it gets under 70 in Texas we’re all wearing sweaters and jackets.

And it was pretty windy actually. So much so that the lady who owns the puesto where Anjelica got her agua de jamaica (not jicama as she had told me) had to close her booth because her plastic tarp cover was literally being blown away. There were like three or four people actually holding it down when we were buying our agua, including the security guard at the flea market.

Let’s hope it stays cool like this for a while. Y’all know our summers our scorching HOT!!

¡Feliz lunes! 

Agua de jamaica not agua de jicama, at the pulga on the first day of spring.

Posted by Juan of Words on Sunday, March 20, 2016

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