10 Gueys to Know You’re in Texas!

We’ve said it more than once and we’re not afraid to repeat it. There’s something special about living in Texas. Sure, we catch a lot of flack for say our politicians, our laws… We could go on, but hey, that’s not the point! Instead, why not celebrate a few of the things in Texas we find especially charming. This list, in any event, is all about some of our favorites!

Feel free to tell us what yours are if you’re lucky enough to be living in the Lone Star State.

  • The weather. Basically, summer is HOT. Spring is HOT. Fall is HOT. Winter is HOT.


  • The hats. Cowboy hats that is. You’re bound to see someone wearing a cowboy hat on any given day.



  • The trucks. They’re big, and the bigger they are the better. Well, not for everyone, but you will see a lot of big trucks in Texas.



  • The tacos. You won’t find better tacos anywhere in the rest of the 49 states!



  • The people. Who are always willing to serve a heaping helping of Southern hospitality.



  • The twang. Yes, it’s true. Once a Texan, always a Texan. Y’all!!



  • The boots. Oh yes, the boots. If you’re going to live in Texas you’re going to need a good pair of dancing boots.



  • The belts. And more importantly, the belt buckles! You can’t really see them all that well here, but notice everyone is wearing a belt buckle.



  • The animals. Cows. Horses. Pigs. Bulls. And more. Especially around rodeo time, the animals are always the showstoppers.



  • The food. And of course, Texas BBQ!


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