That one time we met Former President Vicente Fox

Like seriously. Mexico’s former president from the state of Guanajuato who served from 200o to 2006. We really did run into him as we were strolling from one SXSW venue to another this weekend. It was pretty crazy and afterwards we were both saying “holy shit! did that really happen?!” It took the rest of the evening and all of today to even fathom the significance of such an encounter. Awesomely bizarre. Awesomely awesome. O sea, ¡bien chingon!

Still very much in shock.

So here’s how it went down, for the record. Anjelica noticed him as we were walking. She stopped and said “is that President Fox?” I stopped and turned around and after hearing his voice responded “I don’t know… is it really?” Then this kid standing behind us exclaimed “Yes, yes, it is him!”

I immediately pulled out my phone and started recording. We both looked at each other and knew we wanted to ask for a picture. The kid then again interjected and said “if you ask he will take a picture with you… I already took one with him.” And in fact he did.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox held a small conversation with us, asked us what we did for a living and then followed up by saying “mucho exito paisanos.” He even gave us his business card. Crazy right?

Totally crazy… and WOW!

Still don’t believe us? Well, here’s the proof my friends!

That one time we met Former President Vicente Fox

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