Hey Target, how many words #SinTraduccion do you know?

So chances are you’ve probably heard about Target’s kind of awesome new social media campaign titled #SinTraduccion. If you haven’t, well you’re about to. The premise for this campaign is simple really. Followers and fans of the US retailer have been challenged to share their favorite word or words in Spanish that as the hashtag in the same language implies, don’t have a 100 percent precise translation into the English-language.

Sure we have been translating these words into our own words for many years now, but as the retailer aptly observed, many of the translations are entirely dependent on who is actually transcribing them from one language to another. Just because I say mitotero means metiche doesn’t mean someone else can’t argue it means chismoso instead. El español as you all know can be quite the complicated language.

In his own words, Target’s vice president of marketing Rick Gomez explained this campaign as follows: “It’s been exciting for us to illustrate these untranslatable moments and I personally can’t wait to see how our guests respond. I hope they’ll have a feeling of, “I’ve had that moment!” or “we say that at home!” and then smile, given these moments are so dear to many of us in the Hispanic culture.

Which is all great and awesome… but what would be even more impressive would be to find out just how many of these palabras #SinTraduccion the folks at Target actually know. To date, its social media accounts don’t appear to have started sharing any of these words just yet. Let’s hope that changes pretty soon.

And just in case you’re looking for a little inspiration Target, here are a few of our Mexi-Vocabulario features for inspiration:


We’re certainly looking forward to some fun social posts from Target for this campaign!

Hey Target, how many words #SinTraduccion do you know?

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