On Culture, Music & Fashion, La Santa Cecilia

Two years ago – in Miami during Hispanicize – Anjelica and I walked into the elevator of the hotel we were staying at to go back downstairs to the lobby. We had just stepped into the elevator when immediately we glanced at each other and gave each other that grin from ear to ear that usually means we’re about to do something unusual. You see, La Santa Cecilia happened to be in the elevator with us and we recognized them as soon as we saw them. I could tell Anjelica was thinking about how she was going to introduce us when immediately I uttered, kind of loud too, “you’re La Santa Cecilia!”

They looked amused, but also a little scared at the flood of words that came afterwards from both of us. By the time the doors opened in the lobby we were taking selfies and telling La Marisoul how awesome we think she is, and her band too. They were very good sports, and I’m taking the fact that they still speak to us when we run into them at their shows as a sign that they were more amused than scared during that, our first encounter.

This month, La Santa Cecilia was in Houston for a performance. Los fuimos a saladar otra vez, and this time we were able to interview them about cultural identity, their music, and La Marisoul’s unique and always “on fleek” sense of style.

We still think they’re awesome!

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