¿Te imaginas un fin de semana?

Cue the runaway hit by Grupo Bronco that was such a sensation in the 1990s, and that’s the perfect start to a wonderful weekend.

That song always brings back great memories. I also jam it every time it comes on over the radio on the oldies station. Nineties music on the oldies station, I still can’t fathom that!

Pero nuestros sábados, they were special.

There were cartoon marathons, covers on the floor, pillows stacked up just enough so we could lay upside down or right side up at the perfect angle to watch TV, pancakes, barbacoa tacos, or something just as yummy in the works, that we could smell from the living room since very early in the day. For those few hours every Saturday morning my siblings and I were the most calm and harmonious kids around.

The only time we’d break out into an argument was when we couldn’t agree on what cartoon show to watch next. There were so many good ones back then.

The rest of the time we were too modorros to do anything else besides stare at the TV.

Para eso se hicieron los sábados. ¿Apoco no?

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