Scandal, you’re crazy GOOD!!

Tonight, we just got home. It’s Thursday night. Tomorrow’s a regular school day. A work day. It’s 12:17 a.m. and we’re just now getting into bed.

We drove out to see my family about an hour away. We were supposed to go to the circus, and didn’t make it out after all. So we sat in my parent’s living room watching telenovelas instead.

After they were all done (you know, right at 10 p.m.) we were about to head back home, when my sister started playing the new episode of Scandal from tonight that she had recorded while we were watching Qué Pobres Tan Ricos.

Everyone sat back down of course!

We fast-forwarded past the commercials, chit chatted about which characters we liked best, and brewed a fresh pot of coffee for the house. Forty five minutes later we were all just as intrigued as we had been when this episode first started. No es por nada, but damn Shonda Rhimes can make television magic.

It’s always nice to enjoy a favorite show with the people you love.

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