I want to be more of a sinvergüenza

I want to be more of a sinverguenza

I’m usually too self-conscious to share stuff like this.  Anjelica is the one who likes making videos.  Or should I say, who thinks making videos together is a good idea.  At the beginning, it was pretty hilarious how stiff and uncomfortable I was… especially considering the fact that I have grown accustomed to being in front of media cameras.  It’s part of my profession after all.

Only, as some of you out there might understand, it’s easier to learn a step by step process and repeat it over and over again than it is to be spontaneous… and just kind of go with the flow.  That has never been my strong suit.  A mi me gusta planear las cosas, practicarlas, y prefeccionarlas as much as possible.  I am a little OCD.

So when Anjelica would setup the camera, hit the record button, and look at me to start the conversation, I always would look at her and say… “so what are we talking about?  what do I say?”

I would say I have come a long way since then, but I first recorded this video about a week ago and it has taken me this long to finally decide to share it with the world.  No sé.  I like the concept of vlogs.  I would just like to be more comfortable about them, in them, and about sharing them.  Let’s see if we can make any progress on that.

Here’s one for the record…

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