No soy monedita de oro

Today I realized que mañana soy cumpleañero one more time. Esta vez I’m getting closer to that age where people start telling you things like “you’re no spring chicken anymore” or “you’re over the hill.” The truth is, depending on who you might ask, that statement may very well be […]

I want to be more of a sinverguenza

I want to be more of a sinvergüenza

I’m usually too self-conscious to share stuff like this.  Anjelica is the one who likes making videos.  Or should I say, who thinks making videos together is a good idea.  At the beginning, it was pretty hilarious how stiff and uncomfortable I was… especially considering the fact that I have […]

Mexi-Vocabulario: ¡Sinvergüenza!

I grew up being called a “sinvergüenza“.  Whether it was for getting myself or my younger siblings in trouble; for trying to get too fresh with the señoritas, once I was old enough to; or just for being exactly what the word itself implies: shameless, in some way, has almost […]