Is Pozole Mainstream Now?

Is Pozole Mainstream Now?
My sister’s rico pozole.

Have you ever been to eat at Sweet Tomatoes?  Anjelica introduced this soup and salad style restaurant to me a couple of years ago, and ever since we have been regular customers, every couple of months.  We usually go when we are feeling especially healthy, or when a lighter meal is in order.  Not all that often to be quite honest.  Pero when we do go, I like the variety of soups they serve and all of the other fixings that aren’t really all that healthy at all.

Think baked potatoes, pasta, lots of desserts, bread, bread, and more bread, and of course ice cream!  I usually try my best to not eat too much salad and soup so that I can have a hefty serving of chocolate ice cream afterwards.

In the fall and winter I love their tomato basil soup!

This past weekend, though, we stopped in at Sweet Tomatoes for dinner and got a little more than what we bargained for.  We made our way through the salad line.  I chose a Caesar salad and added egg whites, chickpeas, banana peppers, and an assortment of other colorful flavors.  Anjelica, on the other hand, was much more conservative with her additions.  When she looked over at my plate, which was pretty topped off by this point, she said “we really do have different taste in food.”

We really do.  I like to tell her she likes bland and I like spicy and tasty.

So while I sat down to stuff my face she walked off to go find a soup to accompany her meal.  When she came back she was all excited.

Anjelica:  They have pozole!

Me:  What?

Anjelica:  They have pozole!

Me:  Like Mexican pozole?!

Anjelica:  Yeah!  Pozole!

Of course, I had to go check.  I ran up and served myself a bowl of pozole.  It was good, but everyone had already served themselves all of the hominy and pork, so it was more like pozole water.  Still, I drank the whole thing and went back for seconds.  This was the first time we have ever seen pozole served at a non-Mexican restaurant as a regular soup.  Judging from the constant crowd of people in line to serve themselves another serving, I’d say it was a pretty smart move on Sweet Tomatoes’ part.

I was well into dessert when Anjelica noticed they had put out a fresh pot of pozole.  Me and about a half dozen other patrons (not all Latinos) ran up at the same time to get a fresh bowl of pozole.  As I was stuffing spoonfuls of hominy and pork into my mouth, I stopped and contemplated for a moment.

Wait!  Is pozole mainstream now?!

And then I continued eating.

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