Mexicans Call for Peruvian Talk Show Host Laura Bozzo to Leave Their Country

Well, Laura Bozzo has finally done it.  After fleeing her native Peru amidst a whirlwind of scandals and accusations, and installing herself in Mexico permanently, to continue her transnational talk show Laura, this month, she has finally pissed off another entire country.  Well, all I can say is we should have all seen this coming.

Laura has made a name for herself in the US and Latin America by hosting a very Jerry Springer-esque television talk show that some say exploits the most impoverished and underprivileged in Mexico.

They used to say the same thing about her show when it was filmed in Peru.

This latest wave of anti-Bozzo sentiment, however, started when Laura reportedly utilized a government-owned airplane to fly herself and her film crew to the Hurricane Manuel ravaged city of Coyuca de Benitez in Guerrero, Mexico.  She was there to film footage for her talk show, and almost immediately the backlash began.  Mexicans have become so enraged with her actions – they are accusing her of exploiting the victims of the hurricane in order to obtain higher ratings on her show – that the hashtag #FueradeMexicoLaura has been a trending topic in the country for days.  There’s even a petition that was started to demand that she leave the country.

Laura, for her part, has been pretty defiant on her Twitter account so far.

Vamos a ver.  Who knows who might have the last laugh in this fight?

In the meantime, here are a couple of the images that have been making the rounds on the inter webs of Mexico… including a video titled Vieja Mentirosa dedicated to Bozzo.

Laura Bozzo Fuera de Mexico

Laura Bozzo Fuera de Mexico

Laura Bozzo Fuera de Mexico

Laura Bozzo Fuera de Mexico

41 thoughts on “Mexicans Call for Peruvian Talk Show Host Laura Bozzo to Leave Their Country

  1. Are we Mexicans dumb or what? Do you remember Sube Pelayo Sube??? One of the first show helping poor people reach some type of chance to obtain a price doing something funny or dumb on TV??? It was shut down because a few liberal people stated they were exploiting poor people. Then it came Sabado Gigante, same as Pelayo but now a big show……. Then Platanito, He was kicked out of Televisa for a joke about some children burned out in a fire. (even thought it was in bad taste)
    Now, Laura, If you don’t like her show, JUST turn it off or change channels. Same thing is happening in the good old USA, Duck Dynasty and a few others. Wake up and smell the coffe.

  2. i’ m with you Marco I’ agree with every think you said every body need to shut up and lived Laura a lone i .like her show very much i hope she stays on for ever l’ love what she do and she saids all ways Laura keep Fitting dont give up

  3. Laura,no te dehes!nosotrez te adoramos muncho!!!!!! Eras una mujar muy valenta y muy buena caro Isabel Abalos. De. Tucson AZ

  4. I have no one to help me I have tryd every one people turn there back on us me and mom need your help despertly! we r being abused 5056105208

  5. Laura get you ass I do not like her because she always put down us woman as if we can take care of our self and if you see her show you will see the same people in her program just with a different story acting out how do you pay? She should get kick back to her home town Peru. Her daughter are pu??s they do not study like she says they sell them self .They only use high price stuff like Hermi Purses Bouton Shoes please lady your make a fool of your self go back and take your daughter with you …

  6. Sorry pero esa rata de desagüe no vuelve a mi Perú.gracias a dios la votaron del país…nos creo una mala reputación en América.y lo mismo lo hará en México….su campaña debería de ser el no sintonizar ese caña por un día y verán cuando se les caiga el raiting escucharan al pueblo

  7. Hello my name is carmellita can u please gave me a call asap my number is 6318339309 I need to talk to you asap please

  8. Laura nuestro tu apoyarme con mi hijo tengo meses y años que no hablo con mi hijo la abuela tiene mijo no me deja verlo p nada me gustaria que me apoyo para hechar me le caso con el y quiero q tiena el tiempo hechar todo lo q paso me caso y tu pablaras me apoyarme porque nadir quiere a estar nada y soy disability me vero normal pero esta Mala persona quiere sacar todo la vida de mi hijo y ella no quiere que no tenia nada para el. Porfavor apoyarme

  9. I love Laura Bozzo she is kind, smart, and dhe helps a lot if people, she is unique and lucky to have Chris her husband a woundetful husband; Carmen is celosa y envidiosa, Dios te Bendiga hoy y siempre dear Laura
    Love ??❤️?

  10. Hi Laura i love your show my mom lost her dog a dog trainer was taking care of her dog in mexico the dog is from the united states he says he lost the dog she hears people saying in that town in mexico he has the dog we just want to know the truth . it be nice if you could help us find the puppy so if u could call me my phone number is 408-334-4375 or 408-497-6924 thank u betsy palomres?

  11. Laura says the truth. That’s why people don’t like her. Its time somebody shows what some people do to their family’s. She finds them help. There is no help if you are abused in a small town people watch the gossip. You would think some would help the woman or kids. They don’t care. My husband say mouth shut is more pretty. God Bless Laura.

  12. I absolutely love her bc she says it like it is…no sugar coating yet very loving….undrrstanding and giving. Willing to help out the poor all the time. We need more people like her…..Ballsy and not afraid of no one. U cant make a fool of her she is always 10 steps ahead of anyone trying to lie to her. Love you Laura keep up ur personality….attitude…and big heart.

  13. Laura can you please call my aunt Silvia at(503) 739-4113 you are her idol and it’s her dream to meet you in person on your show. Thanks
    Salem, Oregon

  14. I watch your show all the time because i take care of a spanish elderly woman. I wish they had captions in english!!!!!

  15. I hope all that is seeking Laura’s help, hopefully not a chance to be on T.V, continue on searching for help and don’t ever stop after ONE try or put all faith into a person’s who Job is not for handling such request. Never stop asking for help and reach as far out and many ways possible. Bless us all who struggle for a secure and safe life.

  16. Laura i love your show for a long time laura i been in the street since10 years old my real mother threw me in the street at cos my grandfather was rich n know im 58 n still with nothin while they stole everything from me after my grandma passed now laura i getting older was not aloud to learn nothin n still need a place to live for my grand.boys n me laura help me the house in new york they are tryin to steal cos im poor plz laura i love you n you are wonderful with everyone plz help me my grandfathers house they did everything. N change the things aroud n my uncle says that my grandfather when he was fifty he adopted him please help me. Godbless u alway cindy lizardi n thank you with love laura gracicas love n with god thank you i never had a familia never plz laura help

  17. Dearest Laura,

    I’ve been watching your show for years and I truly love it. Your compassion for less fortunate people has touched my heart. As a Christian GOD blesses and favors the givers. You have blessed many who been in desperate need if a blessing.

    With that being said GOD will bestow an abundance of blessings over your life as well. Let people talk, it’s not what they say is what you answer to. People are always going to talk that’s and there’s nothing one can do.

    Keep being you, do what you love doing and that’s keeping the less fortunate. I have a great idea for your show for the really bad, male shoviness pigs you bring on your set. If your ever interested send me an email at

    May God continue to bless you in all you do. Stay strong, chin up, and walk tall..


    Nancy Rios

  18. hola laura muy benas tardes como esta siento mucho molestarla pero es que tengo mucho tiempo que no miro a mi prima y ni tengo comunicasion con ella su nombre es Rosanna Salas lo ultimo que supe de ella es que se fue con un muchacho a Guerrero Mexico disiendo que en dos semanas volvia y ya no volvio no se si usted pueda a ser algo

  19. Hola senora laura, tengo 28 anos buscano a mi hijo. Su mama se lo llevo y no lo he vuelto aver. Porfavor si me puede audar a encontrar a mi hijo. Viviamos en la cuidad de mexico

  20. Dear Laura Bozzo, I watched ur show for years. U r my hero for what u do for thousands of people. U r often misjudged because some r jealous of u n ur report with all kinds of people. Keep up the good work. Blessings to you always. I hope u can read this n respond I’m on Facebook.

  21. Hello, everyone. My parents whatch her show and like it. She brings awarenes to whats going on in poor countries, not just in Mexico, but all latin american countries… its not a new issue Laura.heck look at all the world. Look at eastern Europe countries at Africa and Islamic countries…Iraq,Lybia,Ithiopia,Syria and so on. Its a good thing but there are many throught time thst have done the same and still are doing providing food, medicine, shelter clean water, money and many more things but are not recognized because they dont have the lime light she has on TV. Please people dont praise her as a Goddes. Men provide emensly for this cause too and dont get this praise. Check out and research the men that provide for our daily securuties, for justice, medical, teachers, tech workers, the dangerous electrical jobs, track worker, plumbers, bridge workers, steele worker, construction high building workers, mine workers and many many more jobs that men do to provide for our daily living. Dont belittle men that make your cozy, air conditioned office comfortable Laura. I see her show from New York. But enough is enough with her belitleing of all men. Even those in the show with her pointing finger in thier face and reffrence to all men. She is a so call Femenists…and for women cause movement. This movement is actually a Non -equal movent to give women a edge over men. Thats is right…feminist ARE for women only movement. Its not a equal movent. Men at alot lf these poor countries have to work hard strenous back breaking jobs sunrise to sunset sometimes with no day to rest while the young girls and women stay home. Why she doesnt expose that if she is out for all the poor favoring a gender over the other. Why she provides only female grants for college and help beyond that.? Isn’t that a form of sexist movent. She is not equal. Men and women see this and analize this. Her agenda is screw men…keep them dumd, out of college and do dangerous back breaking jobs. Great job Luara. Please dont get me wrong..i am from latin america born in NEw York..and like her show …but stop the belittle of men. Your all women favoroing agenda movement. If she continous, televisa and Univision should shut her show. And TeleVisa and Uni Vision fail to do so, viewers boycott these channels…stop whatchinng them ..and see how their ratings drop and they will come back begging for viewers ..which translate to money for them.Por favor ya no mas. We see what your doing… so called femenist….its actually NON-equal femine movement. Hermanos y hermanas latinas analizen bien. Si hay hombres malos que no deberian estar en este mundo ttotalmente basuras. Pero tambien ay de mujeres tambien. No dejen que esta persona indoctrine las mentes de los jovencitos poniendo una imagen mal de todos los hombres. Recuerde…q si ase una buen causa..pero en la otra lado de la moneda una mal. Predica amor, unidad familiar, amista a los vecinos, proteccion a el medio ambiente, luchar fuertemente juntos…hombre y mujer ..para justicia, contra la corupcion, pobresa, drogas, fundaciones para educar jovencitos para proibir embarasos que llegan a abortaciones y abandono, educar sobre enfermadades sexsuales tanta cosas que se puede hacer en la comunidades. No simple proviendo una estufa, lavadora o cama…y a la misma moneda tirando al hombre por el piso. Creo como creyente en La Virgen de Guadalupe q prosefa de ser tu…buscaria en la igualdad…creo que Jesus y La virgen te dirian lo mismo. Buen Dia.

  22. Yes shes a good preson and helps people. But she keeps helping these young girls who just keep putting out babies they can’t afford to feed them. Give them birth Control Instead of all ways saying she’s helping them. Kids having kids. That’s not helping. That’s why they won’t stop having babies at 12,13,14 and so on. Cause they know they give their dum sad stories To get help. Give them an education on birth control NOT MONEY N HELP. Then you have

  23. Hola laura yo he visto tus programa y como ayudas ala gente
    Y te queria pedir ayuda aser justicia ala muerte de mi amiga y desparecion. De su hija
    Ella se encontraba desparecida desde el 21 de dicimebre del 2018 asta el asta el 30 de diciembre fue ayada muerta
    En la cuidad de tijuana
    Ella fue golpeada y asesinada por su novio
    Que despues de matarla se robo asu hija y asta aorita no sabemos el paradero de su Nina ni del asesino
    Porfavor ayudame aser justicia mi amiga se llama monica tapia no tiene mama ni papa esta sola en este mundo solo tiene sus dos hijas y un hermano
    Que quedaron desamparados


  24. Yo necesito soy ayuda para trear no ex esposo Edgardo Mares Ortega para traes nadamas para mis ninas ( Anahi Ortega y Nayeli Ortega) De guanajuato mexico crei que ya no hay maniera y yo ya no se tampoco como reunir Los ninas con el una nina nayeli no es del es De otro pero el lo sabe bien que(nayeli) no es de el pero el la quiere el le dio su nombre como es

  25. I need your help my sister been missing since 2009 I believe her husband has something to do with it please help me

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