Is Pozole Mainstream Now?

Is Pozole Mainstream Now?

Have you ever been to eat at Sweet Tomatoes?  Anjelica introduced this soup and salad style restaurant to me a couple of years ago, and ever since we have been regular customers, every couple of months.  We usually go when we are feeling especially healthy, or when a lighter meal […]

Nopales for cooking

Cooking with Nopales: An Acquired and Emotional Taste

Nopales con huevos.  Nopales with meat.  Nopales with chile.  Nopales by themselves.  At our house they were always a staple of our cuisine.  At least for my parents, they were a vital part of the Mexican diet.  If we didn’t have anything else to eat, a couple of nopales and […]

cake by matt gibson gothick_matt

Milk vs Soda: Which do you prefer with cake?

In honor of Juan’s birthday, I decided that I’d address a topic, a choice, that has baffled me for many years. It’s nothing I lose sleep over but every birthday I attend and celebrate with birthday cake, the interest in this is spurred up again. There are some things that […]

pina con chile mexican snacks juanofwords

Awesome Mexican Snacks: Piña con Tajin… Like a lot of it!

Today’s post is pretty gratuitous.  It’s hot in Texas.  Like hot.  Real hot.  Hot, hot, hot.  ¡Caliente!  To quote Anjelica, I mean.  So what better way to beat the heat that by enjoying some awesome Mexican snacks. Today’s offering is piña con Tajin.  Believe me it’s delicious! Just cut up […]

Things that make me feel bien mexicano mole juanofwords

Because My Mexican Mother Said So: This Is How You Make Mole!

Certain things just make you undeniably Mexican.  Mexican as in bien mexicanote where you couldn’t be anything else if your life depended on it.  Watching my jefita make her famous mole from scratch is right on top of that list.  It inspired me really… to share my own experience as […]

good food fridays mexican shrimp al diablo kroger giveaway juanofowords

Good Food Fridays: Shrimp Al Diablo!

Great news!  This week we’re extending the Good Food Fridays Giveaway Opportunity one extra week to give you all extra time to enter the contest.  Remember if you leave a comment on this blog post you can win up to $75 in gift card money from Kroger.  This week we’re […]

good food fridays mexican fideo kroger giveaway juanofowords

Good Food Fridays: The Simple & Easy Snack Of Fideo!

Think of it as the “go to” snack for something quick and delicious.  In my house growing up when there was little else to make a meal out of fideo and frijoles with a side of nopales always hit the spot.  My youngest brother to this day LOVES a big […]