¡No Pues Guau! Again With My Little Piece Of Mexico On YouTube

¿Quién lo iba pensar?  All of the sudden with the advent of social media and the internet my little piece of México – Cerritos, San Luis Potosi to be exact – is all over the net and I’m feeling more and more ganoso to reconnect with my roots… at least via the world wide web for now since it ain’t really all that safe to travel to Mexico right about now.  Ya les había dicho that El Sauz (the actually rancho in Cerritos that my family is from) has a Facebook page and YouTube channel, pero guau, someone is doing a kick ass job managing their social media platforms.

Check out all of the videos they shared recently on their page:

I didn’t even know the fashion in Cerritos was so trendy nowadays.  In my day (or maybe it was just us) people dressed for function rather than fashion.

Kind of a long promo if you ask me, but it’s still kind of cool to hear all about the local talent they are promoting.  And did you catch that last bit about the promise that there will be “high security” at the event?  Hey Diane Sawyer, that’s a Sign of the Times!

This is really cool.  Kudos to the owner of the video for sharing such an awesome part of our cultura and rancho.  ¡Muchas gracias! 

And finally enchiladas potosinas.  Need I say more?  I don’t think so.

A poco no se quedaron impresionados with my high tech rancho?

¡Clarinetes que somos chingones los de Cerritos! 

One thought on “¡No Pues Guau! Again With My Little Piece Of Mexico On YouTube

  1. Hi! I found your blog as i was reading more about Cerritos. My family is all from Cerritos. I will be visiting Cerritos (Mexico for the first time!) in a couple of days and i wanted to learn more about it since I dont want them to think bad about me, lol. My parents are all like “no vallas a ser creida” and all that, but deep down I am so exited to learn more about the history and culture, not really about the amenities. I love your blog and would love to learn more/collab with you guys! I have been wanting to start a blog but do not really have the guidance or clue on how to do it. My instagram is @yohananextdoor. Thank your for sharing awesome information. Have a great day!

    XO, Yohana

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