Being The Old Married Couple: When Did It Become So Hip?

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Once upon a time there were flowers and kisses.  Long ones.  Kisses that in those days some might have considered saca lonches.  When we would get together, every time, it was an occasion.  She’d get all gussied up in big hair and lots of makeup.  I remember skin tight skirts, long ones and short ones.  I’d almost certainly shower before every one of our dates.  I’d douse myself in my best cologne and just in case she touched my arms I’d drop and do at least 25 pushups before leaving the house.

Every place we went was new.  Every restaurant, movie theater or nightclub a new adventure.  Not because we hadn’t been anywhere before, but because we hadn’t been there together as a couple.  We never really much thought about the future in those days.  We were younger, thinner, más guapos and definitely full of a lot more energy.  Okay, so I was a lot of those things in those days.

Then life happened.  We stopped caring as much about how dressed up we were for one another.  We started thinking about tomorrow and the next day and the day after that and pretty soon we were talking years into the future.  Our focus became building a life together.  The little things just didn’t matter as much anymore.  I know that all sounds terribly depressing, but what in fact has been terribly surprising is just how not horrible or depressing this new situation has been.  I think we are actually closer than we have ever been before.

We can look at each other and most of the time understand what we are trying to say to one another with only glares.  Like a lot of old married couples we’ve developed our own whacky way of communicating with each other, our own unique language for two if you will.  Although if you ask Edgar he might say it often sounds like just a bunch of yelling between us.  Pero bueno, who’s asking him anyway?

The thing is we do enjoy getting dressed up every once in a while and “hitting the town” for a good time.  We still like the movies, eating out and even going to a bar or club every once in a while.  We just can’t hang to the wee hours of the morning like we used to.  I’m serious.  After 1:00 a.m. I am pretty much entirely useless.  My eyes get the better of me and I just can’t keep them open.  The fact that we’re both really cheap doesn’t necessarily make our “date nights” anymore exciting.

Now don’t get me wrong, the magic isn’t gone.  It’s just nice to know we can enjoy each other in sweat pants and tee shirts these days as much as we used to in dress shoes and high heels back in the day.  It’s kind of fun actually.

Who knew turning into an Old Married Couple could be so much fun?

These opinions are entirely my own. I was not sponsored by any pro- or anti- old married couple organizations to make any of the statements contained within this blog post. 

8 thoughts on “Being The Old Married Couple: When Did It Become So Hip?

    1. I have to admit that we do make each other better people when we’re together. It’s weird but kind of cool how much we bounce off each other, especially creatively speaking. Thanks for the kind words 🙂

  1. I’m glad it’s becoming hip to be the old married couple. I might finally get to be hip! Your wife is gorgeous and super sweet, you’re so blessed.

  2. Nice!!! Except about the cheap part. No es tacaño, es CUIDADOSO con el dinero.. Love you guys to eternity and beyond!! xoxo

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