My Rancho Is On YouTube!

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Un toro ranchero en mi rancho!

Alright, no!  I’m not just trying to be mean.  My mouth literally dropped this morning when I saw this video pop up on my stream – El Sauz Cerritos SLP on YouTube.


When did the rancho get on YouTube?!

I mean, I knew they were on Facebook, and that, in it of itself, was kind of surprising to me when I first found out about it a couple of years ago… but then I thought, “come on, who’s not on Facebook?”  Well these days it seems like only pictures are showing up on my stream, but that could just be me.

Anyhow, YouTube!  Well!  That’s just a whole other animal!

That means someone in the rancho had to 1) record all of this great footage, 2) then find a computer fast enough to edit video, 3) find a spot in the rancho where the power wouldn’t go off long enough to edit this video, and 4) connect to the internet on a strong enough connection to upload a file the size of a four minute video.  Wow!  I did not know El Sauz could do that!

I’m kind of upset also that it wasn’t myself who made it happen!  The Sauz2010 YouTube channel even has more views than my own personal channel on YouTube!  DAYUM!  Who would have thunk?  Apparently not me.

Of course, then I had to be all Metiche and go look at their YouTube channel.  Turns out they’ve been posting video for quite a while now.  No, pues guau… now that’s what I call ¡Pipirisnais!

And they didn’t do a bad job at all of editing this video either.  Check it out!

Now I want to know which one of my relatives is running this channel!

My cousin is the one singing at second :24.

3 thoughts on “My Rancho Is On YouTube!

  1. We are two lucky bloggers. Mi pueblito el mas bonita tambien esta en YouTube. Not only that but it also has 2 facebook group – one which is run by my mamacita :). Muy de rancho but she took to technology like water. !Y que viva Durango, si Señor!

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