The Ultimate Chente Playlist!

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Vicente “Chente” Fernandez.

After 40 years of an awesome career – someone said today marks his 40th anniversary as El Ídolo de México (not sure if that’s true) – there’s definitely no doubt about the fact that Vicente “Chente” Fernandez continues siendo El Rey!  Of ranchera music, at least!  It kind of got me thinking of all of the Chente songs I’ve loved over the years, and pues, I had to share My Top 10 All Time Favorite Vicente Fernandez Songs!  I hope you enjoy the playlist.  And hey, you know what, let me know what songs you would add to the list as well.

10. Por Tu Maldito Amor

9. Lastima Que Seas Ajena

8. Hermoso Cariño

7. Que De Raro Tiene

6. Mi Viejo

5. Cruz De Olvido

4. Aca Entre Nos

3. El Hijo Del Pueblo

2. La Ley Del Monte

1. El Rey

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