Dora The Explorer: The Live Action Film?

This is not necessarily new, but it is kind of funny…  I guess.  Digo, how many spoofs on the Nickelodeon character Dora The Explorer are not already out there?!  The worst one, according to me, is the one that incorporates Consuela from Family Guy to poke fun at the eight […]

The Motherly Wisdom and Humor of Doña Lucha

Do you know Doña Lucha?  I didn’t until just a couple of days ago.  First, I came across a couple of meme images of her online, then yesterday one of the Pequeños Gigantes from Univision’s hit show piqued my curiosity when she channeled the Mexican character in one of her skits.  I had to see more. […]

Ay, Ay, Ay, Consuela!! – Should We Love Her or Hate Her?

Honestly!  I’m not sure whether I should be offended or just plain tickled with the increasing popularity of this crazy little cartoon character named Consuela I’ve only recently discovered. According to her creators on Family Guy, she is the leader of the Quahog Maids’ Union and Consuela is every bit […]