Why I’m Sad About Cristina’s Exit From Television

It wasn’t too long ago that Cristina Saralegui was in her prime.  She was the queen of Spanish-language television and EVERYONE – and I do mean everyone – knew who she was.  Cristina was often referred to as the “Oprah Latina” and her show, El Show de Cristina featured all the biggest names in entertainment and everything else.  Being on Cristina was like being on Oprah only in Spanish… I always assumed since I’ve never been on either show, but for entertainers, at least, it seemed like it was a milestone in their careers to make it onto Cristina.  Like a sign of sorts that they had made it, that they had arrived!

Cristina Saralegui says goodbye to television
Cristina: Then and Now!

No sé… it would have been for me.

A couple of days ago, the 30-plus year journalism veteran, announced herself that she would not be returning to Telemundo with her latest television endeavor Pa’lante Con Cristina after only one year.  Cristina very famously left her previous home at Spanish-language giant Univision a couple of years ago when reportedly her contract had not been renewed.  I guess you could say that was the beginning of the end for the Cuban American Cristina… at least on television.

I know her shows were no longer as compelling as they once were, and that for whatever reason a lot of people dislike her now, but for me, Cristina will always remain the Queen of Spanish-language television.  Thinking of her, making that signature thumb salute of hers, always puts a smile on my face.  It feels like home.  Like a part of who I am.  And a part of my identity.  Somewhere in my mind and heart there will always be a spot for Cristina.

This is how I want to remember Cristina Saralegui, the talk show host:

Buena suerte on your new proyectos, Cristina!  ¡Pa’lante! 

Remember… ¡pa’tras ni pa coger impulso!

2 thoughts on “Why I’m Sad About Cristina’s Exit From Television

  1. Donde vive, sera en Miami? Porque si asi es, ahorita mismo la voy a visitar. Jijiji. We decided to drive down to Miami from Orlando today Juan. Pero bueno dejando de basiladas, deja buenas memorias.

    1. Pues si la ves Rosa you have to give her a hug. She probably needs one right about now, lol! Nombre… I’m sure this isn’t the last of Cristina we have seen. Oye, and have fun in Miami. It’s beautiful down there!

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