Successful Latinos Honored by Chivas Regal – ¡Bien Hecho!

Last month, a handful of successful Latinos were honored by the Chivas Brotherhood at the Marcando El Camino event in Los Angeles, California.  They were recognized for their accomplished success in various industries including banking, art, community, politics and non-profit, as well as for their commitment to giving back.  I think that deserves a ¡Bien Hecho!  If you’re not familiar, you can find more info about The Chivas Regal Brotherhood Here.  Those honored included:

Delia Orjuela  – Vice President, Latin Music, BMI, Los Angeles

Axel Caballero – Founder, Director –

Maria Segovia, Vice President, Pacific Western Bank

Alfred Fraijo Jr. – Partner – Sheppard Mullin

Aaron J. Perez – Celebrity Chef and Foodstylist 

Antonio Pelayo – Inker, Painter, Head of Special Effects – Disney Animation Studios

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