¡¡Por Fin, Jenni Rivera Me Pelo!!

jenni rivera tweet juanofwords
La Diva De La Banda

In the world of social media I guess you could say we’re taking our cyber relationship to the next level!  First, she called me papi on the red carpet of the Latin Billboard Music Awards in Miami earlier this year, after I yelled her name a couple dozen times.  She even had like a 10 second conversation with me then.  The proof is in the video if you don’t believe me!  Now, La Diva De La Banda has actually recognized my existence online and sent me the following tweet:

Jenni Rivera Tweet juanofwords
From Jenni to Juan of Words 🙂

¡¡AJUUAA!!  That’s all I got to say right now.  ¿No se acuerdan?  Not too long ago ni me pelaba, jajaja!  We’ve gone from “Hey” to “Hola,” I guess you could say!

E-Lo better watch out… I’m telling you!!

Next thing you know we’ll be hanging out en el Google+ y toda la cosa!

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