Mexi-Style: Ideal Mexican Looks For Your Home

Remember the other day I posted about My Dream Mexican House?  Well here lately I’ve been thinking more and more about it.  As it turns out, I’m kind of more excited about the potential of having the “ultimate Mexican house” than I ever thought I would be.  It’s a little scary to be quite honest with you all.  No se ma vaya caer aquello por tener estos pensamientos, LOL!

Mexican Interior
Mexican Interior as originally pinned by Nancy Rogers

But let’s just indulge my fantasy for a brief moment.  This beautiful and very colorful kitchen/living room space is so stylish.  It looks like something straight out of a magazine.  I’ve always wanted red walls!

Mexican bedroom
Mexican Bedroom as originally pinned by Monica Von Reberg

Then there’s this quaint and simple bedroom set.  Not that I want to make the leap from one King size bed to two twin beds in our bedroom, jajaja!  Can’t say the same for Anjelica… but it kind of reminds me of our bedrooms in Mexico.  Ours were never this stylish, but they were just as welcoming.

Mexican Tile stairs
Mexican Tile Stairs as originally pinned by Manon

Okay, these stairs are just too cool!  I’m a sucker for Mexican tile and outside areas decorated in Mexican tile.  So, what can I say?

Mexican Fantasy
Mexican Fantasy as originally pinned by Caroline Lawson

Finally, there is this Mexican Fantasy.  It’s like whoever came up with this design idea must have broken into my dreams and become very inspired.  Now I’m just being exagerado.  Anyways… do you like these design ideas?

8 thoughts on “Mexi-Style: Ideal Mexican Looks For Your Home

  1. my ex-mother-in-law, of Minnesota origin, not Latina in any way, went to Mexico on vacation and came back with a sink. yes, a bathroom sink basin. it had colorful fish all over it, and she then hand-painted fish in a riot of different colors all over the bathroom walls. it was wonderful.

    1. Beth, that sounds like it would be right up my ally! I love that she came back with the sink… One of my friends recently came back from Mexico with the most beautiful rustic cabinets made of solid wood. They looked amazing in the pictures 🙂

  2. Love, love, love! I too, dream of a house like this. Especially those stairs! And that fish sink sounds like something I need in my life, lol!

  3. Hi Juan! Do you happen to know of any place to get similar blankets to the ones in the picture of the bedroom?

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