William Levy Joins ABC’s Dancing With The Stars

Mujeres, bate your breath!  The rumors are true!  Your Cuban heartthrob William Levy will be one of the celebrities on season 14 of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.  ¡Calmadas, calmadas!  I can hear your chillidos of excitement all of the way over here!  It’s okay, the show is not actually on the air yet.  You still have time to figure out when and where the heck this show is aired, since you all of a sudden have an interest in watching the English version of Bailando Por Un Sueño.  

El cubano bailará en Dancing With The Stars!

Coincidentally, that was the same show Levy’s wife, Elizabeth Gutierrez was just on as a contestant, a couple of months back on Univision.  Ya sé… who wants to hear about her?!  So before you go digging profusely through Google to find out when Dancing With The Stars will air, the 2 hour premiere is scheduled for Monday, March 19, 2012 at 8|7c.  Can’t wait that long?  Here’s a video someone shared on my stream yesterday.  It’s William dancing on some other show.  Go ahead and enjoy!

Also joining Levy on the cast of Dancing With The Stars are Gavin DeGraw, Gladys Knight, Jaleel White of Steve Urkel fame, Extra’s Maria Menounos , and The View’s Sherri Shepherd, among others.

I’m more excited about the fact that English-language networks are finally figuring out how to woo more Latino viewers by casting more of our own stars. And even though Levy wasn’t included in the presser event for the show, something tells me he’s going to be a HUGE star with millions of new fans after the show.

Make us proud William!

3 thoughts on “William Levy Joins ABC’s Dancing With The Stars

  1. That video is hilarious. He looks so nervous and unsure of himself. He doesn’t smile not once! Hahaha. I’m sure he’s grown a bunch since. Thanks, Juan for posting this.

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