JLo & Marc’s “Friendly” Break Up: Is It Real?

They seem to be perfectly chummy.  On television anyway!  Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony seem to be completely satisfied with one another and their new separate lives regardless of their failed marriage.  To watch them together now, whether it’s on their new reality television show Q’Viva The Chosen or promoting this same series on an exclusive pre-Valentine’s Day special on Ellen, the superstar couple doesn’t seem to have any trouble at all making nice.

JLo slaps Marc on Ellen.

It makes me wonder:

  1. Why did they get separated to begin with if they get along so well?
  2. Are they really that friendly with each other, or is it all for show?

What about all those tabloid headlines claiming Marc is crazy jealous about JLo’s new boyfriend?  Or that Jenny from the Block is still madly in love with Marc Anthony?

On Ellen today they pretty much just said they still have a lot of fun working together.

What do you think?  Is this real or is it more likely that Jenny from the Block is handing out more of those cachetadas off camera?

2 thoughts on “JLo & Marc’s “Friendly” Break Up: Is It Real?

  1. I see only 2 possibilities here – call me cynical.

    #1. They are faking for the cameras.
    #2. This whole break-up is a publicity stunt for Q’Viva.

    If they’re getting along for real though, good for them, (and good for the kids especially.)

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