Mr. Bean: Spokesman for the Misunderstood?

El loco de Mr. Bean

He used to annoy the living crap out of me.  What would possess anyone to watch this guy?  He doesn’t even talk!  That was my main reason for disliking Mr. Bean so much.  He made stupid faces and acted like an idiot.  Was he supposed to be an alien or something?  I never watched enough of the show to find out.  Instead I’d say “ugh, that stupid Mr. Bean is on. Change it!”

Only recently have I begun to really appreciate the artistry of what Mr. Bean was all about.  Yes, I said artistry!

It might just be me, but for some reason Mr. Bean reminds me a lot of what it is to be a foreigner in a strange land.  His cluelessness about virtually everything, even the most basic of tasks like ordering food or shopping for groceries, is not only hilarious to me now, but also very representative of what it is to be an immigrant in America.  Sort of like La India María when all she could utter was cheese ha-ha-ha-m-bur-ger after months of eating donas and coffee because that’s all she knew how to say in English in one of her movies.  If you haven’t watched this scene, you have to watch it!

Even though I was born here, a lot of times growing up I felt like a foreigner.

I still do sometimes because we never really watched Punky Brewster or any of the other popular sitcoms that were big hits in the 80’s and 90’s.  Or very few of them I should say.  Whenever people ask me about these shows or reference them in any way I have to tell them that I never watched them.  They just can’t believe it.  I get the same looks Mr. Bean used to get on his show.  Well, actually he still does.  Edgar and Anjelica are in love with him and watch him every chance they get.  It’s because of them that I started watching too.

The thing is, now I know he’s not an alien at all – just a man who has always been misunderstood.

No wonder I can finally relate to him!

What do you think?  Do you like the Bean?

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12 thoughts on “Mr. Bean: Spokesman for the Misunderstood?

  1. I love Mr. Bean. He’s universal! I don’t think he’s alien, he’s more like a big kid. Things that we think or would want to do, he does. Or things that happen to us but we won’t admit. My kids were watching it the other day at my mom’s house and they were laughing and enjoying the show. It reminded me of when my brother and I watched it many years ago…

    1. Wish I could say the same, lol… My younger brother enjoyed the show a whole lot more as kids. I could not stand it then. Now it really is more entertaining for me. I can finally appreciate it 🙂

  2. He use to annoy the heck out of me too! Then one day (years later), hubby and I watched a show and ended up laughing the entire time. I’m pretty sure my hubby can relate to what you mentioned above and well I guess my taste has changed. We love him!

    1. He’s definitely something else… I’d say an acquired taste for sure and one that took me several years to attain, lol… even now though I’ll only watch the Bean every once in a while 🙂

  3. I love Mr. Bean! Think my favorite is when he’s helping his girlfriend fix the Thanksgiving turkey and it ends up on his head. I also love La India Maria! We are now watching Mr Bean with our 8 year old grandson who loves him too.

    1. Angeline, it’s funny how kids pick up on the most basic and simple of shows. La India and Mr. Bean don’t use a lot of crazy stunts or flashy attention grabbers, they are just funny and make us laugh at them and ourselves. Great comedy.

  4. Bean caught my attention many years ago – he could be hilarious without having to utter a single word. Unusual, funny, and awkward seems to define his humor – a fundamental approach that is funny in any language.

    1. I think that’s what makes him so universal… he is effortless in his comedy, in a way we all can relate. His show has aired in over 200 countries! That’s pretty amazing!

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