Q’Viva The Chosen – Jennifer Lopez Returns to Her Roots

In the previews and the first episode of the brand new Nuyorican co-produced ‘Q’Viva The Chosen’ Jennifer Lopez proclaims “This is like being able to really, really go – I am Latina and this is who we are… isn’t it fabulous, isn’t it amazing, doesn’t it bring tears to your eyes and make you want to dance, smile, and stay up all night?”

In truth, JLo, La Diva del Bronx, and her now ex-husband Marc Anthony are hoping this new collaboration of theirs will do precisely that for viewers of their new Latin American talent search show on Univision.  Or at the very least, have them tune in to watch.

Q'Viva The Chosen

Now y’all knew I was going to write about this!

After Saturday’s first episode, and after so many weeks of constant promotion about Jennifer and Marc’s reunion for the show, it turns out the former Latino First Couple of entertainment might be on to something.  From the Brazilian Capoeira dancers, to the Puerto Rican twins that captivated Marc, a very steamy Argentinian tango, and a lovable pair of Mexican Quebradita dancing siblings, ‘Q’Viva’ is all about celebrating the best of Latino culture and entertainment straight from each country.

Contestants submitted videos of their respective talents to the show’s producers, these entries were reviewed, the best of the bunch were presented to JLo, Marc and their third wheel, producer Jamie King, who then selected performers to assess in person.  Jennifer and Marc then travel to the various countries where the performers live, surprise them with an impromptu visit, the performers audition before the super stars, and if they are impressed with what they see the talent gets airplane tickets to Los Angeles.  There they will compete with the rest of the Latin American talent sent to California and ultimately the top tier of performers will all be a part of “the biggest Latin American entertainment show in history” in Las Vegas, Nevada.

An advertisers dream no doubt.

My favorite part about Q’Viva, however, outside of the tremendous talent being showcased, is just how much more access we get to Jennifer herself, in Spanish no less.  The American Idol judge has certainly improved her bilingual skills since Selena – anyone remember that Cristina interview from the 90s? – and in way, this feels like JLo connecting to her Latin American roots like she’s never done before.

Jennifer Lopez in Peru.

“It’s probably going to be the biggest thing I’ve been involved in yet,” Lopez reflected at one point.

Ms. Lopez, I think you might be right.

8 thoughts on “Q’Viva The Chosen – Jennifer Lopez Returns to Her Roots

  1. I did enjoy listening to JLO speak Spanish…I heard a couple of grammatical errors, but I think overall she did great!

    Also, glad that addressed the divorce issue head-on and it was very touching hearing Marc talk about their relationship as a journey…their marriage just being one stage in that journey.

    They sold me on the concept and I definitely will be tuning in next week.

    1. Compared to her Spanish from a few years back, I think she did exceptionally well… and I also really liked the fact she acknowledged that sometimes she struggles with Spanish. The way her and Marc have managed to work together despite the divorce seems very admirable to me. I’ll definitely be watching!

  2. Looking forward to a live perfermance in Las Vegas – Have the tickets gone on sale? If so, where would your finalist will be performing. Thanks.

  3. I am from Peru & I feel very dissapointed thar so far I haven’t seen the couple, Jennifer & Mark make any effort to pick more acts from Peru. I gave seen them travel to Chile, Argentina, Mexico; even Puerto Rico. I am proud if my hertage & I know there is a lot of talent in Peru. There is mixture of african dances from slavery time. There is inflenze from the Spaniards that conquered Peru. There is dance from the three regions, the coast, the andes & the jungle. There are masters in guitar; with folklore music that can touch your heart. Its a little unfair Jennifer & Mark Anthony didnt show to the world any of that. Really a pitty. I was really enthusiastic about this show but nit anymore

  4. I am from Peru & its very dissapointing that Jennifer & Mark Anthony didnt put much effort to search for acts in Peru. I waited to see them flying to Peru looking for talent & I thought it was very unfair that country so rich in folklore & history was skipped. I know for a fact there is great talent in Peru. The folkloric dance is a mixture of the Spaniard influence, also african and andean after long years of slavery by the Spaniard conquerors. Was it that nobody provided JLo & Mark with this information? It seems to me that there was an effort to cater to old cliches like charros, tangos & salsa. How about aPeruvian marinera or an african folk peruvian dance? Did you ever try to look for that? With all those charros, gauchos & salsa dancers it seems boring to me, I was planning on watching, but not anymore

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