A Few Words On Gratitude

No hay que ser malagradecidos.  If there was one thing we all learned growing up at my house it was that it was never okay to be ungrateful. Last month, when I went to Chicago it was via invitation and all of the cost of my travel, hotel and conference fees were covered thanks to the generous donation of one of the LATISM sponsors. What I didn’t know until returning to Houston was that the compadres I’d been hanging out with in Chicago were actually the ones who had made my entire trip possible.

Inevitably me dio mucha pena that I did not get the chance to properly thank these gentlemen from Ford en Español while we were hanging out at the Navy Pier. They literally treated me like royalty and were so down to earth and friendly that it felt like we had known each other for a lifetime. En serio Fernando and Jesus are a todo dar and Ford en Español has always been nothing but wonderful to me. I love it that they are so in touch with their Hispanic clientele. Enough to dedicate an entire marketing effort to us in Ford en Español!

Thank you Ford, Fernando and Jesus for being so great at LATISM!

As a token of my appreciation, let me also add how great Ford is doing with their new car models. This year I’ve had the opportunity to drive their Ford F-150 EcoBoost and the Ford Focus hybrid, and both really were quite impressive. Not only were they easy to drive, comfortable, and very luxurious, but most importantly to me, they were very economical on the gas. Not to mention the great entertainment console which worked seamlessly with my phone on Bluetooth. I’d never even used Bluetooth in a vehicle before! And needless to say after the test runs were over (almost three weeks for the F-150) I did not want to give either one of the vehicles back.

So now, I’m definitely excited about the new 2013 Ford Escape SUV. Not only would it be more practical for a family of three like ours, but it even has Active park assist, which helps drivers parallel park. Wow, that would have come really handy during our road trip to DC this summer! I had a couple of nerve wrecking episodes trying to properly park while we were there. Sad and comical at the same time.

The New 2013 Ford Escape

In any event, you should definitely check out the new models. Here is a quick link to the new Ford Escape. Also, LIKE the official Ford en Español Facebook Page. They really do have a lot of great posts all of the time.

2 thoughts on “A Few Words On Gratitude

  1. I wished I’d known, too. Kept running into both of Fernando and Jesus throughout the conference. In fact, they were the first people I met at check-in at the hotel. Had I known I was there because of Ford Latino’s generosity, I would’ve given them both a huge hug. Not only for their commitment to the Latino market but also to education. : )

    1. Yeah. I had talked to both Jesus and Fernando online, but did not expect them to be so kind. It really was a pleasant surprise and very fitting to the relationship Ford has extended to me thus far 🙂

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