Cellphone Fotos #2

Haven’t done one of these in a while. A pretty long while as a matter of fact (months actually), but my good friend and hermana bloguera, Latinaish posted one of these yesterday, and inspired me to do another photo post myself. So here you are. These are a few of the photos on my cellphone right now.

Pan dulce. Mmmm. Do I even need to say anymore? We don’t usually buy a lot of sweet bread at the house because we would just eat it all up, and well después all we’re going to be left to lament is “por eso estámos como estámos“.

Creepy Sodas! These are pretty cool. Anjelica found the stick-on labels at a dollar store when we were getting ready for Edgar’s Halloween-themed birthday sleepover. Think over a dozen kids under one roof. ¡Ay caramba! Good thing his next birthday is not until next October.  And the stickers, you just  peel them off and apply.

¡Mi Jefita! We were at my sister’s house for Thanksgiving and by this time I’d already eaten a couple of servings of turkey with all the fixings. Anjelica’s family actually fried five turkeys! That’s a hell of a lot of pavo. Sadly, nobody made any tamales. Let’s hope for better luck on Noche Buena.

Mexican Monster Tee. I love this shirt and would have bought it for myself, but the vendor at the flea market we bought it from had run out of adult men’s sizes. He only had boys tees and a couple of sizes for women.

How cool is that altered logo? Tell me you don’t like it!

That was fun. Maybe I’ll do these style of posts more often.

7 thoughts on “Cellphone Fotos #2

    1. Today, it is raining and it just feels perfect for one of those days watching movies and kicking back. A little sweet bread and hot chocolate would be great too! I’m just saying 🙂 Thanks for the comment on my mom!

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