Our Gorditas: Real Women Have Curves – And We Like It?

¿Quien Dice Que Las Gorditas No Provocan?

Is it gorditas pero sabrosas?

Who says big girls can’t be sexy too?  I mean anything a thinner woman (also known as skinny b*****s to many gorditas) can wear, a thicker woman can probably find in her size as well, what with all the plus size clothing stores and sections now available almost everywhere.  But are we, Latino men, any more or less accepting of our gorditas?

The whole ‘Real Women Have Curves’ phenomenon comes to mind, as does the interpretation of PHAT as pretty hot and tempting as opposed to just F-A-T, which for whatever reason makes the word sound much less harsh.  Like saying ‘Large and in Charge!’ or ‘¡Gordita pero Sabrosa!‘, especially with a little attitude behind it, diminishes the negative stigma of being a few pounds overweight.

As Latino men we like the ‘extra junk in the trunk’, the love handles that give us a little more de donde agarrar, the larger ‘lady lumps’ that come with a few extra pounds, and we don’t mind the fact that you ‘full-figured’ ladies also know how to chow down better than most.  The preparation of our favorite platillos, minus any guilt or reluctance, is a definite plus tambien!  Who wants to be yelled at for eating what we like?  In all honesty, we understand no matter how JLO-esque your figure might be today, it won’t stay that way forever.  We’re okay with that.  It’s not a big deal.

Even if you’ve never had a statuesque figure, as long as you’re Llenas de Amor!

2 thoughts on “Our Gorditas: Real Women Have Curves – And We Like It?

  1. I know I have the extra. My Latin lover says he wouldn’t be as interested if it weren’t for the junk in my trunk… and you’re right about my cooking, he sings praises like no other for it 🙂

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