Hermano: My Brother

My earliest childhood recollection is of the sun.  It’s warmth wrapped around me like a blanket, melting down my back, caressing me tenderly, from head to toe, in a way that made me feel so comfortable and relaxed.  I couldn’t have been more than four years old because I remember lying there waiting for my older brother to come home from school.  He is one year older than me and had started kindergarten that year.         The sofa where I lay was coffee brown with caramel-colored flowers and blue or green leaves scattered throughout and it was positioned smack in front of a long, slender window in our living room for which my mother had sewn sheer yellow curtains that now only add allure to the memory of that day.  I could hear the clutter of my mother in the kitchen moving about as she took plates to water, spoons to pots, plates to plates, and yet I vividly remember being paralyzed by the euphoric state of comfort I was in, halfway between sleep and being awake.  The sound of the beat-up old yellow school bus finally awoke me and when I lazily knelt on the sofa to gaze out the window my brother was walking down the long dirt road in front of our house.  He couldn’t see me, but I could see him; slowly becoming more visible as he approached our modest little one bedroom home in the southern most corner of Texas just across the Rio Grande River in Edingburg.

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