Remember the comic strip Spy vs. Spy?  Well this is the Blogger version of it, and who better to help me inaugurate this very fun and virtual challenge than the one and only Latinaish.  I couldn’t have asked for a better or fiercer competitor than Tracy, because aside from being mi hermana del alma and a great friend, she’s one hell of a luchadora… and can “smack talk” like you wouldn’t believe.  Seriously!

So, in this corner, carrying the Mexican flag and wearing his favorite pair of chanclas, drinking a bottle of pure Valentina… un servidor, ready to rumble.  And in that corner, La Gringa Bien Latina, Tracy herself, accompanied by her husband, children, and her coach, La Suegra, who’s waving the Salvadoran flag in the air, pumping up her nuera for the battle royale!  The rules were simple.  Take pictures of the same 10 items, post them on the same date, link to each other’s blogs, and let the people make their choice over whose blog entry they like best.

Here’s my humble submission:

Los pelioneros

1. Silliest Photo with Your Family: Think Family of Ninjas gone bad, LOL!  We had way too much fun trying to take a presentable picture for this category.  Several of the images really looked like we were hurting each other.

Quesadilla Grande de Taqueria el Alteño

2. Favorite Local Dish: There are so many good places to eat around here, but hands down, my favorite dish is, of course, Mexican, and from one of the most authentic Taquerías I’ve ever been to.  The number four (quesadilla grande), which is how I always order it at Taquería Alteño every time we go.  For a while they even took my order without me even saying anything.

El Trono

3. Favorite Outdoor Spot for Brainstorming: Cada rey tiene su trono, and well, this one is mine!  Whether it’s from Writer’s Block, stress, or just life in general, when I need to sit down for a minute and just relax, regroup my thoughts, or clear my mind, nothing works better than this little lawn chair outside of my house.  It’s on the porch and also gives me a great view of all of the neighbors, jajaja… ¡chismoso!

Mi camita

4. Favorite Nook of your House: My side of the bed.  It’s comfortable, relaxing, soft, cushiony, and “my side!”  We’ve had that argument on more than one occasion!  “It’s my side of the bed!  Go to bed on your side.”  The main reason why I don’t ever want to switch sides is the alarm next to my bed.  I’m not a morning person and without that alarm would sleep till noon.

Downtown Houston

5. Favorite Family Spot: We’re always in Downtown.  Usually in the car, driving somewhere else, or just driving through to avoid the traffic on the freeways.  Still, every time we’re in Downtown, especially at night, we always seem to be having a good time.  I also work in this area and most of the big events that take place here take place in Downtown… so that’s another reason we’re always there.

The Washburn Tunnel in Galena Park

6. Best Kept Secret in your Area: Maybe it’s that I’m not a native Houstonian, but until a couple of years ago I didn’t even know we had an actual tunnel in the area.  We do, and it’s The Washburn Tunnel in Galena Park, just outside of Houston.  The first time we drove through the 3,791 foot underwater tunnel I was ecstatic, like we had just discovered the best thing since sliced bread!

Gato de Oro (Faux)

7. Most Random Item in your House: In all honesty, I don’t know the story behind this faux gold cat at all.  One day I just showed up at home and it was sitting on the bookshelf next to the TV, looking in my direction and kind of freaking me out, so I try to keep it faced away from me.  Me imagino que fue una compra de mi esposa. Otherwise it just showed up on its own, which is even scarier!

Mi Valentina Sauce!

8. If the sky were falling, what would be the first item you’d grab, after people: This one was just too easy.  My Valentina sauce, of course!  Wherever we’d end up we’re going to need to spice up whatever it is that we’re eating… Right?

Le' Edgar

9. Favorite piece of Art Work in your Home: No competition.  My wife, Anjelica took this picture of Edgar several years ago in her mother’s front yard, and since then it’s been my favorite piece of art in the house.  My suegra yelled at her for having uprooted the savila (aloe) in the picture from her yard, and so, we then had the image enlarged and framed.

Chanclas para los chancletazos

10. Favorite Pair of Shoes: Had we done this competition a few weeks earlier my real favorite shoes would have been in the picture.  They were chanclas too, only the kind that covered more of my feet and could be secured around my foot with a back strap.  The only problem, they were literally falling apart and despite Anjelica telling me to get rid of them, I refused.  One day I just could not find them anymore… I knew what had happened, so I immediately went to the store and bought more chanclas!  These are extra comfortable and cushiony as you can see by how worn they are already.

So that’s it folks!  My complete and full entry for Blogger vs. Blogger – Juan of Words vs. Latinaish.  Make sure and stop by Tracy’s Latinaish to check out her response to these images, and let me know what you think… if there were a prize who would you give it to?

A special thanks to Tracy Lopez of Latinaish for accepting my invitation to participate in this first Blogger vs. Blogger challenge.  Also, a huge thanks to my wife, Anjelica for being the creative force behind this competition, and for taking all the wonderful pictures for me.  We had a lot of fun putting this together.