Happy Birthday, Bikini!

Evolution of the Bikini

Eeny, weeny, teeny, weeny… little polka dot bikini! Well actually it could be any design or color, so long as one part “covers the breasts and the other part covers the crotch and part of or the entire buttocks, leaving an uncovered area between the two,” as Wikipedia so eloquently puts it, jajaja!

Why am I blogging about bikinis?  Because it’s their birthday!

According to the deejay on the radio this morning, the modern day bikini turns 65 years old this month.  That seems kind of young for such a staple of the American fashion fiber, but apparently it’s true… after reading more about it online, it turns out, in fact, the bikini turns that age today!  Even more bizarre, that the bikini was created by French engineer Louis Réard in 1946.  He was running his mother’s lingerie boutique at the time and designed the bikini as the world’s “smallest bathing suit,” only to find that once it was done nobody would wear it!

Models refused to sport the bikini because it was too small and revealed too much… clearly he wouldn’t have had that problem today, so the first woman to wear the bikini was actually a nude dancer named Michelle Bernardini.

Así es que Happy Birthday Bikini!

May you have many, many more years to come in the future!

I want to know more about the bikini

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Bikini!

  1. LOL. Interesting history, although I think this may be unbiased journalism 😉 jajaja

    Let me know when fitted boxers has a birthday. I want to blog about it complete with fotos y todo 😉

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