10 Latinos ABC Should Consider for ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Not that ABC is asking or anything, but you know how I like to meter mi cuchara in everything.  Well, since William Levy was such a huge hit on Dancing With The Stars this season – bringing in a whole new audience and engaging so many millions of viewers all […]

Machocorridos: Paquita La Del Barrio Eat Your Heart Out!

¡Uyy!  It takes a lot to get a only a one word response out of me.  Usually when something ignites or inspires me in any way I can go and on forever, but this time this album really takes the cake.  Turns out the Mexican comedian known as El Norteño […]

Dulce Maria and La Doña Carmen Salinas in a Movie

Here’s an unlikely pairing.  Dulce Maria of RBD fame and La Doña Carmen Salinas, famous for being well… La Doña Carmen Salinas, starring in a movie together.  It’s called ¿Alguien a visto a Lupita? and just as the name implies the subject matter of this film is a little confusing. […]