Machocorridos: Paquita La Del Barrio Eat Your Heart Out!

Edson Zuñiga El Norteño Machocorridos
Edson Zuñiga "El Norteño"

¡Uyy!  It takes a lot to get a only a one word response out of me.  Usually when something ignites or inspires me in any way I can go and on forever, but this time this album really takes the cake.  Turns out the Mexican comedian known as El Norteño – yeah I don’t know who he is either – has recently launched a new music album in response to all those “men-hating” musical compilations put together by the likes of Paquita La Del Barrio over the years titled, quite simply really, Los Machocorridos!

As the name implies, the tracks on this album, which also features the music of the Mexican group Marrano, are pretty blunt and straightforward.  Think tracks like “Mi Viejota“, “La Huevona“, and “La Llorona Vengadora“.  And those are only the titles I can share here.  The rest of the tracks include lots of mentions of the male anatomy.  Take a look for yourselves.

Edson Zuñiga El Norteño Machocorridos
Funny or Offensive?

So what do you think?  Is this all in good fun or kind of offensive?

For some reason, I think a lot of guys might be jamming these tracks pretty soon.  I mean seriously jamming with the big old speakers and everything, driving up and down barrios everywhere!

One thought on “Machocorridos: Paquita La Del Barrio Eat Your Heart Out!

  1. Yes, this is offensive and if you allow kids to listen to this garbage you desensitize them. Chivalry is already dead!

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