12 Days of Christmas Day 4 Molcajete

12 Days of Christmas: Day 4 – Molcajete!

Not the kitchen sink… but the kitchen molcajete, is what we’re giving away today for the 12 Giveaways for the 12 Days of Christmas!  LOL!  Yes, you read that correctly.  Well, actually the prize pack includes an IMUSA Granite Molcajete (this baby is the real deal… it is made from […]

12 Days of Christmas: Day One - Mexican Candy

12 Days of Christmas: Day One – Mexican Candy, Lots of it!

We’ve been talking about Christmas a lot this year.  More than we ever have before, I think.  Probably because for the first time in about five years Juan isn’t working through the end of year holidays like he used to.  We’ve actually had time to sit down and think about […]

12 Days of Christmas in Words: So I’m Behind… Big Surprise!

Initially my intention was to write 12 posts for Christmas that would deal with various non-gifts that we could give as gifts this holiday season.  Hence the title the “12 Days of Christmas in Words.”  Well, wouldn’t you know it.  This holiday season has gotten away from me… and today, […]