La Mafia Album Release Party

La Mafia Album Release Party Houston

Let’s just start off by admitting La Mafia is pretty badass! I grew up loving their music from a very young age, and their infectious Tejano sound was all over the radio during my teenage years. In fact, in high school we had Tejano dances every year where their jams like Un Millón de Rosas and Vida were the slow songs we all wanted to dance to with our sweethearts. I can still recite all of their songs from those days word for word!

So obvio when we were invited to their album release party in Houston this week, Anjelica and I didn’t even flinch before saying OF COURSE!! We attended, with a couple dozen other folks, a very intimate gathering off of Houston’s Washington Ave. It’s a part of town we don’t often frequent, but the venue was actually quite nice.

The group played several of their classic hits and told us stories about their history and career before leading into their new songs from the forthcoming album Amor y Sexo. It was definitely a nice trip down memory lane.

photo-2Here’s a quick video I was able to capture. Please excuse my shaky hand on the camera. And enjoy!

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