First Listen: Paloma Blanca by Chiquis Rivera

First Listen: Paloma Blanca by Chiquis Rivera

Wow!  Well I definitely wasn’t planning on sharing any more new music this week… but, when Jenni Rivera’s daughter, Chiquis Rivera releases her debut single launching herself into the limelight of banda music, and well the entertainment industry as a whole, just over one year after her mother’s tragic passing, pues, one can’t help but pay attention.  The most controversial of the late Diva De La Banda’s daughters had been hinting at a musical career for months, but I, like many of the Spanish-language media who have been following this story, had started to think it was all fluff… an album that would never come.

The album is not here yet.  But the first single is… and al estilo banda no less.  A song directed at Jenni Rivera, that’s what we get in Paloma Blanca.  After the first listen I was kind of like “wow!” because as we all recall it was rumored that Chiquis had been involved with her mother’s last husband right before she filed for divorce, and before they became estranged.  In fact, it didn’t seem like they were all that close when Jenni passed… at least not according to what the entertainment news sources have reported.  Pero bueno, you can be the judge of that for yourself.  I just didn’t like the fact that it seems she is sort of confronting her late mother in the song.  I also thought it was interesting that she chose the title Paloma Blanca when media reported Jenni dedicated the song Paloma Negra to Chiquis at her last concert.  No sécomo que se me hizo tacky.  Then again, almost everything Chiquis does is pretty tacky and uncomfortable to watch.

On her vocal abilities… hmm, let’s just say anyone can karaoke their way through a Jenni-esque song and sound at least halfway decent.  La letra no me gusto and there are portions in the song where it seems Chiquis is running out of breath and her voice.  I don’t know.  It left me imagining a young Chiquis from I Love Jenni playing dress up, trying her best to fill her mother’s shoes.

Maybe she can, but I’m not convinced with this single effort.

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