Al Que Madruga, Dios Le Ayuda

He Who Rises Early, God Helps Rising Early To stay in bed past noon was un pecado.  Early rising to get ahead of our day, not to let our day get ahead of us.  If by 10 a.m. we were not up, the calling of our names would commence – […]

In Bed And On The Dining Table, Shame Is Pretty Much Useless

Useless in the sense that no matter how hard we may try to hide who and what we really are, the rest of the time, in our natural state – when eating and er…sleeping – the truth simply has a way of revealing itself.  You know the old adage about […]

A Cada Marrano Le Llega Su Sábado

Every Pig Gets Their Saturday   Un poco vulgar, pero cierto.  After watching nearly 24 hours of almost uninterrupted Chilean miner rescues taking place before the world’s eyes, there are so many important lessons to be learned.  Many of them technical – about engineering, crisis intervention, management, political action, etc. – […]


Oranges! No seas orgulloso, ven a saludar… I hated these words.  Every time people would come over they’d make me come out, smile, shake their hand, answer a few questions, and sit in the living room with them.  To be amable, what one should always be…aside from humilde. I really […]

Ya Que Estamos En El Baile, Bailemos! – Guest Post

Since We Are At The Dance, Let’s Dance by Tracy López Our first school dance –  How our already fast beating hearts beat faster once there!  Colored lights swam in the darkness, paper streamers decorated the walls of the gym in swooping scallops, limp balloons drooped from basketball hoops.  The […]

La Muerte Es Lo Único Seguro Que Tenemos En Esta Vida

Death Is The Only Thing We Have Guaranteed InThis Life Or as Chente so famously said: lo importante no es llegar primero sino saber llegar, because in life there really aren’t any guarantees.  None whatsoever.  Not even the feelings inside of our hearts are guaranteed to stay the same forever. […]

El Casado Casa Quiere

He Who Gets Married A Home Wants The following is not meant as an account of any true experiences neither by the author or anyone else closely related or associated to him, it is merely a humorous observation on the commonly held notion of Suegra-Nuera relations.  Any similarities to the […]

Tin Marín De Don Pingüé

On summer days, for parties, or any other times we were bored, nothing was better than playing games with each other.  Usually without any actual toys, just our imagination, and a few lyrics we’d picked up somewhere along the way.  Some in English, some in Spanish, it was the main […]