All about our latest visit to the 3-0-5 #Hispz17

Our trip to Miami this year was nothing if not memorable. That’s really the first thing that comes to mind about the 10 days at the end of March and the beginning of April that we spent traveling to and from the 3-0-5. Yeah, I just kind of quoted Pitbull. […]

Getting ready for Easter with JCPenney

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with JCPenney. All opinions are my own. Holidays are either simple or hard. You choose which when it comes right down to it. Either you elect to go with the flow and just kind of let things happen without stressing yourself out, or […]

Getting to Miami & the Chisme

Well of course there’s good chisme. It’s not a real road trip unless you have chisme to prove it! I’m totally serious about that. No, really. I am. But before we get into the down-low of how everything went down in Miami during our most recent visit for Hispanicize 2017, […]

Upgrading My Tire Game with Cooper Tires

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Cooper Tires and DiMe Media. All opinions are my own. I’ll admit, I’ve been known to push the limits when it comes to the performance of my personal vehicles in the past. I depend on my car so much that sometimes I […]

Up Close and Personal with the Beard Boss by Remington

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Weave Made Media® & Remington but all my opinions are my own. #weavemade #RemingtonBB I’ve not always been a facial hair kind of guy, but a few years back I decided to just go for it and […]

Why we’re heading back to Miami for Hispanicize 2017 #hispz17

Yes, y’all, it’s official! We’re headed back to Miami this year for Hispanicize 2017! This year we’re actually serving as official correspondents for the national event, which you might be more familiar with as the premier event for Latino trendsetters and newsmakers, including digital creators, journalists, marketers, music artists and […]

Vlogmas 2016 Week 1 and 2

So we’re taking Vlogmas 2016 for a spin this year. Only instead of daily vlogs, we’re doing weekly Vlogmas videos. Here are our first two for the first two weeks of December. Find all our videos at Vlogmas 2016 Week # 1 Vlogmas 2016 Week # 2

El Gato Coffee House in Houston!

About a month ago I was invited to spend my evening with pretty little cats! I waited on this blog post because I wanted to give a clear update on the future of El Gato Coffee House in Houston. The folks behind this fun coffee shop concept had recently started […]