Snail Mail: Here’s our P.O. Box

It’s fair to say we’re kind of old fashioned. We have a certain appreciation for the worn and vintage things in life. As it turns out, that also includes everyday mundane little gestures like handwritten notes, personal detallitos, and anything else that you might want to mail to one another just because. Yes, I said mail as in snail mail. We had been talking about getting a P.O. Box to share with everyone, in case you did want to send us any old fashioned correspondence, for quite some time. And this week, well, Anjelica went and got one for us.

So here it is. This is our official P.O. Box address. Consider yourself at liberty to send us any snail mail any time your corazoncito desires. We’ll certainly appreciate it muchisimo with all of ours!

P.O. Box 15833
Houston, TX  77220 

Snail Mail: Here’s our P.O. Box

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