Puros Pinchis Roosters!

So since forever Juan has been obsessed with roosters. We can’t come across anything with a rooster on it, or in the shape of a rooster, without him insisting that he has to have it for the house. Until now, somehow we’ve managed to only buy a couple of actual roosters for the house. Well, not real roosters… decorative pieces inspired by roosters I mean.

We actually found a nice rooster portrait at IKEA once that we did actually buy.

Now he says the obsession stems from growing up in the Rio Grande Valley. The country life, he says. You know, the rancho. His mom actually has real life roosters in the countryside where she lives. I’m not saying that I’m opposed to them, but the thought of a rooster yelling in the early hours of the morning to tell me that it’s time to wake up doesn’t sit well with me either.

I’d probably have to send that poor gallito packing, LOL!

So, during this trip to a local antique store, you can imagine how excited Juan was when he discovered there was an entire room in the back dedicated to rooster memorabilia. Where else but Texas would that be possible?

You may or may not be proud of us for not buying any of the roosters in that room!

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