Is Sofia Vergara headed for movie magic?

It’s worked for Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and Melissa McCarthy. Turning female lead comedy flicks into multimillion dollar hits at the box office. And now Sofia Vergara is hoping to capitalize on her Modern Family fame to rake in the mula as well with her first feature film in the […]

Executive producer Sofia Vergara is bringing Mujeres Asesinas to ABC

Well at least the title kind of makes it seem like she is.  I caught this commercial during Scandal last week and it immediately made me remember how good the runaway series Mujeres Asesinas was on Univision not too long ago.  In fact, Mujeres Asesinas was an adaptation of the Argentine series by the […]

Sofia Vergara on SNL

So if like me you missed Sofia Vergara’s performance on Saturday Night Live this weekend, here’s a recap of some of her best moments from “La Noche de Sábado en Vivo“, as she proclaimed it in her opening monologue.  As expected, la colombiana did great!  Hopefully sh will be back […]

Kudos to Sofia Vergara for Making Accents So Cool!

My earliest memories of the lovely and ageless Sofia Vergara are of her strutting around acting crazy on Fuera de Serie,  on Spanish-language television.  I was tween in those days and she looked exactly as caliente as she does today.  Exactly!  Who would have thought that almost two decades later […]

Salma, Sofia, JLo, Christina, Eva & Eva – Yeah, They’re All Nominated for ALMA Awards

Nombre, you’re better off asking who’s not nominated?  I kid, LOL!  Pero fijense nomás, if you were to ask that question I’d have to say folks like America Ferrera and Rosario Dawson who haven’t been in the limelight very much this year at all.  Those folks are probably the only […]

Burger King Turning On the Sexy With Sofia and Salma

Y’all remember these spoofs of Burger King with Anjelah Johnson on SNL, right? Well now the fast food chain is employing two super star Latinas to help them do a little revamping of their image, among a host of other celebrities including David Beckham and Steven Tyler.  It seems Burger […]

Entertainment by choice: Sharing the best of both worlds with Comcast FreePassLatino

I’ve had this conversation a few times now with adults my age. Usually we start talking about the way we grew up, what it was like living in homes where we had only one television set, and where more often than not we’d spend our evenings watching telenovelas with our […]

The Latin Explosion documentary by Tommy Mottola: Nov 16

“The U.S. is the second-largest Spanish-speaking country in the world. BOOM!” – Ricky Martin “It’s our time.” – Jennifer Lopez “Change your name because Estefan is too difficult to pronounce, and we said ‘NO!’” – Gloria Estefan “We are everywhere. They have to get used to us.” – Sofia Vergara “America has […]