Taking the brand new Chevy Silverado High Country for a test drive

This is part of a collaboration with Chevrolet. All opinions expressed are my own.

There’s something about driving a pickup truck that just makes you feel like a Texan.

People look at you differently. It says something about you, and there’s a certain sense of pride that comes attached with the keys when they are in your hands. Don’t believe me? Try it and tell me I’m wrong.

Taking the brand new Chevy Silverado High Country for a test drive

I have always been a sucker for big trucks with a lot of power so it was only natural that the brand new 2018 Chevrolet Silverado High Country would win my heart over as soon as it arrived at my driveway a few weeks ago. All of five minutes later ya yo estaba en ¡MI TROCA! Notice how I claimed it as mine immediately. Two seconds after that I was cruising down my neighborhood all pumped up about how nice the interior of the truck was as well. I mean, it came equipped with the works. You remember how you used to drive around in your very first car hoping to run into people you knew so they could see you in your new car?

Well yeah, that was basically me the whole time the truck was here.

It was very, very nice.

Taking the brand new Chevy Silverado High Country for a test drive

My favorite features were the power outlet next to the USB inputs that allowed me to keep my laptop fully charged at all times, and the WiFi included in the vehicle. We are always on the go, driving from one meeting to another, so the ability to be connected and complete work while in the Chevy Silverado was a timesaver and great for efficiency. These two features alone made us consider the Silverado High Country for one of our upcoming cross country road trips. The fact that it has plenty of leg room in the front and back seats was also very exciting for us as road trippers. Do you know how much stuff we could fit in all that space? We pack a tight ride when we travel so ya se imaginan what we were contemplating with all this space.

Speaking of space, the bed of the pickup itself is quite roomy and great for getting real manual labor done too.

Edgar and I moved furniture and even took a couple of trips to the local dumpster to drop off tree branches we had cut down at the house a few weeks earlier. We were the nicest truck on the lot, and we were in and out in no time. It was pretty exciting actually to be doing so much just because we had a pickup truck at our disposal. You just can’t get all the same father-son type activities done in an SUV.

Taking the brand new Chevy Silverado High Country for a test drive

This time around we didn’t get to go fishing or to do something more recreational with the Silverado, but believe me, it is at the top of my list for next time.

I liked this particular make and model so much that I would actually buy it for myself – when the timing is right of course. Ahorita mismo we are not in the market for a new truck – you know, starting a new business and all, but when I am, I am definitely purchasing a pickup truck, and I would love for it to be this precise one.

The whole time we were driving the Chevy Silverado High Country we only saw one exact make and model that looked just like ours only it was in white. The other driver and I nodded at each other and stared at our trucks as we each drove away into the sunset in opposing directions. As if to say, “yeah, man, I see you. Nice ride, buddy!”

O algo así. It was a special moment. As was having the Chevy Silverado High Country to test drive for seven days straight.

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  1. This piece is an absolute tour de force. Please inform yourself before entitling yourself to comment. Get them in to get your head out of ideology to fix their inability to take responsibility for Chevrolet :(.

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