Family means nobody gets left behind

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Family means nobody gets left behind

One of the things we’ve always known about each other is that family comes first. I mean we met at my sister’s going away party when she was leaving Houston for D.C., all of 15 years ago now. From that moment on we have spent a lot of our time together around our extended family. Who would have imagined that what started as an awkward conversation in the dining hall of a Mexican restaurant, fueled by liquid courage in the form of margaritas, would have us here today, that many years wiser and more experienced.

We were in our twenties when we first met so you can imagine the changes each of us has made over the past 15 years. But let’s be real, we’re still the same crazy pair of metiches we have always been.

If anything, now we are much more crafty about our shenanigans.

Our family circumstances, more than anything, are what have changed. Both our parents are in their elder adult years now, our son is turning 16 this year, and we – well let’s just say we’re not getting any younger. Ultimamente I’ve had the word ruco engrained in my thoughts. Am I old enough to be considered a ruco now? Don’t tell me if I am. I don’t actually want to know.

Lo que sí es cierto is that working towards leaving a legacy is very important to us both at this stage in our lives. That starts with leaving a financial legacy for our family and with being able to care for our parents the same way they cared for us when we were growing up. Since we started working with Prudential a few years ago now, we have really begun to step up our long term planning efforts to ensure we can do both. Eso es lo que queremos todos ¿no? 

Family means nobody gets left behind
Anjie’s mom.

It was actually through Prudential that we learned we are part of what is known as the sandwich generation. They call us that because our age group is the generation that is more so than others I guess caring for our children and for our parents at the same time. It means in a lot of cases we are doing both, and it for whatever, we are not in the best of financial situations things can get pretty complicated pretty quickly.

For us, since we’re approaching the third year of having launched our own business that’s more than true at times, but we are committed to continuing to grow and to being able to fulfill our commitments. Especially when it comes to our families. After all, they didn’t have the advantages we have today y como quiera pudieron sacarnos adelante. 

Family means nobody gets left behind
Me and my mom.

Honestly, that is the biggest motivation we could ask for. El ejemplo de nuestros padres. All the other self-help, motivational, positive-thinking, stuff out there takes a back seat to what our parents were able to achieve for us and our siblings. I mean, let’s be honest.

So hopefully by caring for both our children and our parents, and leaving a strong financial legacy, the next generation will be motivated to take it to the next level and achieve even more than we are able to in our lifetimes.

That would be the ultimate legacy.

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