No te achicopales 

Lately we’ve been having a lot of conversations about thinking big. As in thinking beyond the limitations placed on us, either by ourselves or by others. 

In truth, the subject is one that resonates with me very much. It does because I think it really speaks to some of the biggest challenges I’ve faced in my own life. A veces, en algunos momentos de mi vida, the biggest obstacles that I have needed to overcome were internal. It wasn’t so much who told me what I could or couldn’t do. Nobody has ever really placed those types of limitations on me. Instead, at times my own personal beliefs (or disbeliefs more to the point) have been what have held me back from doing or wanting more. 

I think we all probably struggle with believing in ourselves at one point or another. So from somebody who’s been there and is still there sometimes, no te achicopales. 

You can do it! 

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