Easy brisket tacos

Every once in a while we get courageous. Courageous enough to try our hand at a traditional Mexican recipe. Now it’s not that we don’t know how to cook Mexican food. It’s that we don’t typically take on elaborate or even simple, but very traditional dishes. Tonight, though, we were feeling quite brave.

We’re blaming it on our good friend and food master Vianney of Sweet Life who was just here in town with us for a few hours. It was great seeing her and laughing so hard we were all literally in tears, and after bidding our hasta prontos we couldn’t help but to think about trying our hand at a food post once again. She makes it look so easy… although, of course, it’s certainly not. Pero, nonetheless, we settled on tacos.

And these would not be any tacos! We’re talking brisket tacos. I mean easy brisket tacos to be exact. So as you might imagine they’re probably not by any means as good as the street tacos you might be thinking about. Still, they were a great Taco Tuesday dinner for our little familia.

Here’s how we made them:

– We baked the brisket in the oven at 350 degrees

– We took out the brisket and chopped it up into taco-sized portions

– We added all the usual fixings to our tacos (cilantro, onion, lemon, salsa, avocado)

And voila, we had dinner!

The video below shows you a little bit of the process.

Anyhow, we may take our jab at another recipe soon!

Easy brisket tacos

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